RusHydro combines more than 60 hydropower facilities with a total installed capacity of more than 30 GW, including Russia's largest Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP in Khakassia, 9 stations of the Volga-Kama cascade with a total installed capacity of more than 10,000 MW, powerful HPPs in the Far East: Bureyskaya HPP (2,010 MW) and Zeiskaya HPP (1,330 MW) in the Amur region, Kolymskaya HPP (900 MW) in the Magadan region, Novosibirskaya HPP – the only HPP in Western Siberia (490 MW), as well as several dozens of hydroelectric power plants in the North Caucasus, including Chirkeyskaya HPP (1,000 MW). Also, RusHydro includes highly maneuverable capacities of the Zagorskaya pumped storage hydropower plant (PSHPP) in the Moscow region, used to equalize the daily irregularity of the electric load schedule in the Central Integrated Power System.

The company is building a number of hydroelectric power plants in various regions of Russia. Zagorskaya PSHPP-2 with a design capacity of 840 MW is being constructed in the Moscow region. A number of small hydroelectric power plants are being built in the North Caucasus. In the Far East, the Ust-Srednekanskaya HPP (570 MW) is being built in the Magadan region.