Mission and strategy


The Board of Directors approved RusHydro Group’s Development Strategy until 2025 with an outlook throughout 2035 at the meeting on May 27, 2021.

When developing the Strategy, the global and country-specific economic situation, macroeconomic forecasts, as well as the main global trends in the development of the energy sector and major global energy companies were taken into account. The Strategy addresses the key goals outlined in strategic documents of the Russian Federation.

It focuses on reliable power supply and safe operations of power facilities, sustainable development of electricity production with priority for clean energy, development of power system of the Far East Federal District and the Company’s value growth.


The new strategy is formed in the context of the global energy transition that is gaining strength in the world, the essence of which is to change the energy system - the formation of a clean, decentralized and digital energy of the future. Rushydro Group plans to lead the clean energy development agenda in Russia.

Reliable supply of clean and affordable electricity!


An infrastructure company

Maintaining the key strategic energy systems and hydroelectric power station reservoir systems and ensuring their safe functionality

A socially-responsible company

Which aims to achieve complex social-economic goals of the regional development of the Russian Federation

A business enterprise

Ensuring value growth of its assets and providing return to shareholders, including its key shareholder – the Russian Federation

RusHydro Group in
  1. Leading Russian producer of clean energy with continuous growth of low-carbon power generation share.
  2. A company effectively utilizing hydro, geothermal, wind, solar and other forms of power resources.
  3. Leader in reliable power supply and safety reducing its carbon footprint through effective employment of state-of-the-art technologies.
  4. Supplier of technologically advanced power solutions and services to consumers via digital platform and client services.
  5. Engineering construction company offering a wide range of innovative services from design to engineering to construction of generating facilities.
  6. A partner of the State in implementation of national-scale projects for social economic development in the regions, especially in the Far East – the flagship region in the future power system of the Russian Federation.
  7. An attractive company for investors and shareholders with constant return growth.
  8. A reliable strategic partner for local and foreign power companies, suppliers, contractors, engineering institutes and co-investors.

Strategic goals

1. Reliable electricity supply and safe functionality of the Company's facilities
RusHydro provides reliable functionality of its generating facilities to consumers with safety measures in place to population and the environment
2. Sustainable development of electricity production with emphasis on clean energy
RusHydro is increasing low-carbon hydropower production including small hydro and renewables and fossil fuel generation with reduction of CO2 emission following efficiency improvement in the course of execution of investment projects with social-economic effect in mind
3. Development of the Far East's power system
RusHydro provides sustainable development of the Far Eastern Federal District’s power system and is the key partner in executing government decrees on rapid economic development of the region by offering consumers a wide range of services including smart meters
4. Company's value growth
RusHydro focuses on fundamental value growth investment attractiveness with safety, efficiency and reliability of its generating facilities in mind


Developing society

environmental safety, preservation of natural resources, development of regions’ economy and infrastructure.

Responsible enterprise

long-term partnership, transparency and client orientation in achieving mutually beneficial results, social policy that supports the staff and residents of the regions where the Company operates, focus on the implementation of national projects and goals.

Leading company

ability to respond to challenges and unexpected changes, use new opportunities such as technological advancements, to achieve success through unification of traditions with innovations.

Engineering culture and technological leadership

priority in safe and reliable operations, competence, development of process flowchart and implementation of new technology.

Talent growth

continuous development of human resources, transfer of knowledge, sourcing talents from schools.

Unified team

responsibility in achieving common goals, competitive advantages of the Company in its various areas of business, ability to address challenges and solve problems as a team by supporting each other.




The Strategy includes a comprehensive program on sustainable development (ESG) in the following areas:

Development of low-carbon power generation, responsible usage of natural resources, improvement of energy efficiency.

Social responsibility

Responsible business with priority on human capital.

Corporate governance

Improvement of transparency and use of best practices in corporate governance.

RusHydro Group is focused on

The effective communication with shareholder and potential investors
The Company’s value growth and investment attractiveness
The effective interaction with the government authorities

RusHydro strives for effective interaction with the government authorities to arrive at long-term complex decisions for collaborating in priority national and municipal projects and formation of attractive regulatory environment.

Another important aspect of the Strategy is growth of the company’s fundamental value. The Group’s EBITDA is expected to more than double by 2035.

The dividends paid

According to the approved dividend policy, the dividend payout is set at 50% of RusHydro Group’s consolidated IFRS net profit with the minimal payout level is set at the average amount of dividends paid over the last three years. RusHydro is committed to long-term dividend growth in absolute terms in the interest of its shareholders and the Company’s development priorities.

Development of Hydropower and Renewable Energy Sources

RusHydro Group is focused on the development and modernization of low-carbon power generation (currently 81.5% of installed capacity), primarily hydropower including small HPPs under capacity supply agreements (DPM) as well as solar and wind power plants. The company is in the process of replacing outdated diesel power plants in isolated regions with renewables under energy service contracts attracting additional private investment. The installed capacity of RusHydro Group’s generation facilities will exceed 40 GW.

Development of thermal generation

The Far East remains the key growth point, and the key initiative outlined in the Strategy is to continue measures to replace outdated capacities in the region with new facilitates on the terms of a guaranteed return on investment: construction of Artemovskaya CHPP-2, Khabarovskaya CHPP-4, the second phase of Yakutskaya GRES-2, modernization of Vladivostokskaya CHPP-2 as well as increasing the capacity of Neryungrinskaya and Partizanskaya GRES. Gradual conversion of coal-powered facilities to natural gas will contribute to decarbonization in the Far East Federal region. By 2035, direct greenhouse gas emissions will decrease by 9%.

To improve the quality of heat supply to consumers and to improve client orientation, RusHydro plans to utilize the Alternate Boiler model, which will allow to modernize the key production facilities and to close inefficient sources of heat supply and to reduce the level of heat loses in the network.

Development of grids

The Strategy also provides for further development of grid networks, including within the framework of the Program for the Development of the Electric Power Industry to ensure the rapid growth of the economy of the Far Eastern Federal District. The key aspects include increasing reliability, reducing accident rate and improving efficiency of the infrastructure, reduction of grid losses and further consolidation of assets.

Development of engineering and construction

This direction of growth is focused on engineering, scientific, utility and construction services and expertises provided on internal demand in hydropower and hydro technical construction, development of competencies in thermal power generation, grids and safety systems toward the RusHydro Group’s investment projects.

The Strategy involves the expansion of engineering services, research and design services, management of hydropower projects in Russia and abroad, as well as the implementation of the best international practices and modern technologies in engineering.

Development of retail business

The Strategy also provides for improving management efficiency, implementing unified standards and consolidation of retail assets in the Far Eastern Federal District, value growth of retail companies and expansion of their services by means of intellectual meters and smart contracts.

Digital transformation

The main objective of this area is to increase the reliability and efficiency of equipment and information resources, to ensure the availability of information and the efficiency of data management, to form a unified information space of RusHydro Group based on IT systems and business applications.

Development of new business areas

The Company will continue to develop its EV-charging network in the Far East. RusHydro plans to participate in the government program on hydrogen development as a testing ground to implement pilot projects for the production, transportation and storage of hydrogen, as well as energy storage. In terms of the development and implementation of promising innovative technologies, the Strategy provides for the company's transition to a qualitatively new level of operation of facilities throughout the entire life cycle, based on the use of new materials and technologies.