12 september 2023

Today, the construction of Artemovskaya CHPP-2 was kicked off at the Eastern Economic Forum: the first cubic meter of concrete was poured to mark the commencement of the plant erection by RusHydro in Primorsky Krai.

The design electric capacity of Artemovskaya CHPP-2 is 440 MW, its heating capacity – 456 Gcal/h. The new plant will replace the Artemovskaya CHPP, which is the first major power plant in the Far East commissioned back in 1936. Unlike the old plant, Artemovskaya CHPP-2 will run on natural gas, the most environmentally friendly type of fuel, instead of coal. The use of gas will significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, completely exclude sulfur dioxide and soot emissions, and remove the need in ash storage.

An up-to-date, most efficient combined-cycle technology will be applied for electricity generation at Artemovskaya CHPP-2. The plant equipment will be assembled into two power generation units, each comprising a gas-turbine plant, a heat recovery boiler, and a steam turbine plant. Three heat boilers will be installed to supply heat to the city of Artem with a population of over 100 thousand people. All the equipment is manufactured by the Russian companies: Power Machines will supply the gas-turbine plants, the Ural Turbine Works will provide the steam turbines, and the boilers will be produced by ZiO-Podolsk.

RusHydro builds Artemovskaya CHPP-2 on the site located a few kilometers away from the operating Artemovskaya CHPP, in the district of the city of Artem. By now, the site has been cleared, preparatory territory grading and construction site fencing operations have been completed, an access road has been built, and the required construction base has been created. Over 2 thousand people will be working here at the peak of construction, with 450 people to be employed at the new plant after commissioning.

Launch of the power generation units of Artemovskaya CHPP-2 and completion of the plant construction are scheduled for 2026.

Artemovskaya CHPP-2 is one of the six projects of RusHydro under the state program aimed at the development of the thermal electric power industry of the Far East, implemented to replace the worn-out capacities and provide energy services to new consumers such as the Eastern Section (Polygon) of Russian Railways. The total electric capacity of the power facilities will amount to 2.1 GW at a heating capacity of over 2,500 Gcal/h.

In addition to the construction of Artemovskaya CHPP-2, RusHydro has already commenced the erection of Khabarovskaya CHPP-4 and the second stage of Yakutskaya SDPP-2, expansion of the Neryungrinskaya and Partizanskaya SDPPs, reconstruction of Vladivostokskaya CHPP-2 under the Program.

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