RusHydro hydroelectric power plants are preparing for high water

16 march 2023

RusHydro hydro power plants are preparing for the high water period of 2023. The work on the safe passage of “spring flood” is controlled by specially created commissions.

RusHydro specialists inspect hydraulic structures, drainage systems and the territory of hydraulic facilities, check the operation of hydraulic and mechanical equipment, lifting devices, main and auxiliary communication means, and process video surveillance systems. By the beginning of the high water, all planned routine repairs of the equipment will be completed.

A stock of necessary materials and technical means is created at the stations. All personnel who will be involved in passing high water passes additional briefings. Employees of HPP operational service take part in special trainings to practice actions during a period of high water. Agreements on information interaction between hydroelectric power plants and municipal district administrations have been signed.

According to the FSBI “Hydrometcenter of Russia”, water reserves in the snow cover in the whole basin of the Volga-Kama cascade of reservoirs are 104% of the average annual values. It is expected that the water inflow to the cascade reservoirs in the second quarter will be 133-167 km3 (the norm is 159 km3). The free capacity of the cascade reservoirs is 39.3 km3, which is close to the average annual values. Water reserves in the snow cover in the basin of the Novosibirsk reservoir make up 89% of the average annual values, Sayano-Shushensky reservoir – 109%. In accordance with the instructions of the Federal Water Resources Agency, the planned pre-high water evacuation of reservoirs continues.

HPP activities are strictly controlled by the state: the modes of filling and evacuation of reservoirs, passing high water are established and regulated by the Ministry of Natural Resources represented by the Federal Water Resources Agency. It coordinates its proposals with the MES of Russia, the Ministry of Agriculture, Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport of Russia, System Operator, taking into account the interests of all water users.

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