Sustainable Development Goals

The RusHydro Group contributes to achievement of global goals in the economic, ecological and social spheres. Integrating the most relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into its activities, the Company annually discloses qualitative and quantitative indicators as part of its annual reporting to monitor its impact.

The RusHydro Group is a national leader in clean power generation. 31 GW is the installed capacity of the RusHydro Group RES-based generation facilities. Every 4 out of 5 kWh is generated by generation facilities based on renewable energy sources (HPPs, GTPs, SPPs, WPPs). The share of the RusHydro Group in Russian renewable energy generation is 54%. About 7% of the RusHydro Group power generation is provided by low-carbon gas generation. The RusHydro is the only company in Russia which generating facilities include three pumped-storage power plants (PSPPs), which are the most efficient industrial accumulators of electric power. Being an operator of tariff alignment mechanism implementation, the RusHydro Group provides electric power tariffs for the main consumer groups in the Far Eastern Federal District at the level of the national average.

The RusHydro Group actively contributes to implementation of the Strategy of low-carbon development of Russia. The strategy of RusHydro for the period up to 2025 with an outlook until 2035 aims at "Sustainable low-carbon development of power generation" and sets the target of reducing CO2 emissions by 9% by 2035. Important strategic initiatives of RusHydro are completion and construction of new HPPs, including small ones, creation of conditions for building of new pumped-storage power plant, implementation of an energy service model for local generation modernization projects using RES and energy storage systems.

The RusHydro Group ensures reliable power supply and safe operation of power facilities, sustainable development of power generation with a focus on clean energy, development of the Far East power industry.