Interaction with Stakeholders

Systematical obtaining, understanding and responding to stakeholders' opinions and needs is an important basis for achievement of the organizational success and sustainability of the RusHydro Group.

The RusHydro Group constantly interacts with 12 stakeholder groups.

In building of mechanisms for stakeholder engagement the RusHydro Group is guided by a series of AA1000 standards: AA1000 Accountability Principles (AA1000AP) and AA1000SES Stakeholder Engagement Standard (AA1000SES).

More detailed information on the results of interaction of the RusHydro Group with stakeholders is available in Annual Reports of the RusHydro Group.

Stakeholder Key Interests Main Mechanisms of Interaction

Shareholders and Investors

Receipt of dividend payments, economic efficiency, business stability, transparency of business processes

  • preparation and holding of general meetings of shareholders
  • preparation and publication of financial statements and operating results;
  • maintaining of business contacts with analysts from investment banks and other financial institutions;
  • preparation and publication of information materials on the activities of the RusHydro Group;
  • organization of the work of the Board of Directors and committees under the Board of Directors;
  • preparation and holding of meetings and conference calls with potential investors and analysts as part of the preparation of debt securities issues (including RoadShow);
  • disclosure of information in accordance with the rules and standards for information disclosure approved by the Bank of Russia and the Government of the Russian Federation;
  • preparation of answers to questions asked by the Company's shareholders.

Customers and Consumers

Reliable and affordable electricity and heat supply, improvement of the quality of products and services, and high standards of service

  • development of client offices; creation and development of unified settlement and information centers;
  • operation of a virtual reception desk;
  • operation of contact centers of power supply companies;
  • operation of personal accounts of consumers of power supply companies controlled by RusHydro;
  • online consultations on the websites of power supply companies controlled by RusHydro;
  • operation of the Trust Line;
  • conclusion of "green" free bilateral contracts for purchase and sale of electric power (FBC);
  • conclusion and execution of contracts for technological connection.

Business Partners, Suppliers and Contractors

Fair competition and responsible behavior in the market, transparency of activities, including transparency of procurement procedures

  • open and competitive procurement procedures;
  • participation of representatives of the Company in forums, exhibitions and conferences;
  • holding of the RusHydro Supplier's Day conference;
  • insurance surveys at the RusHydro Group facilities, taking into account the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation and LRD(A) of the RusHydro Group on the safety of production facilities.

Environmental Organizations

Environmental protection

  • implementation of projects in accordance with the Environmental Policy of RusHydro;
  • implementation of the Charity and Sponsorship Program of RusHydro;
  • participation in forums, conferences, exhibitions, seminars with an environmental focus.

Employees and Trade Union Organizations

Professional and career growth, safe working conditions, decent labor remuneration

  • carrying out of activities aimed at personnel development;
  • social support for employees;
  • communication with trade unions;
  • informing of employees.

Professional Industry Associations, Expert Community

Development of industry science, development of innovative technologies, transparency of operations, development of a national qualification system, compliance with standards and best practices in corporate governance and responsible business conduct

  • forums/conferences/exhibitions/meetings;
  • confirmation/assessment by international and national rating agencies of creditworthiness and financial stability of the RusHydro Group;
  • presentation of the draft annual report and consideration of the opinions of the Company's key stakeholders;
  • meetings of the Council for Professional Qualifications in the Electric Power Industry;
  • presentation of information to stakeholders;
  • monitoring of corporate governance practices.

State Authorities at the Federal and Regional Levels

Reliable and uninterrupted power and heat supply, tax revenues, development of regions of presence, improvement of regulatory and legal support of the energy sector, control over the implementation of investment programs, financial and economic activities

  • social and economic cooperation agreements with the constituent entities of the Russian Federation;
  • organization of holding of public hearings, in cooperation with regional authorities, on facility construction projects;
  • development of proposals to improve legislation on the types of activities carried out by the RusHydro Group companies;
  • interaction with external control and supervisory bodies when they conduct inspections in relation to the RusHydro Group;
  • reporting.

Regulatory and Infrastructure (Commercial and Technological) Organizations

Compliance with Russian and international laws

Interaction with regulatory and infrastructural (commercial and technological) organizations, including in the tariff-setting process.

Educational Institutions

Targeted staff training, development of industry science and the development of innovative technologies, including those that reduce the negative impact on the environment

  • cooperation in the field of science and research;
  • cooperation with partner universities in updating of educational programs, students' practical skills, and faculty internships;
  • informing of students of specialized universities about the activities of the RusHydro Group;
  • research and development orders.

Local Communities and Population in Regions of Presence

Support of the development of the regions of presence

  • implementation of charitable projects aimed at socio-economic development in the regions of presence of the RusHydro Group;
  • participation in socially significant and environmental projects.

Mass Media

Obtaining of reliable and comprehensive information about Company operations; prompt and substantive responses to media requests

  • preparation and distribution of press releases, statements, comments and messages of the Company to mass media;
  • publication of information on the Company activities on the corporate website, in the corporate media, and in social media;
  • preparation and presentation of reference, information, analytical, and presentation materials for mass media;
  • organization and holding of briefings, press conferences, interviews, press visits, press tours and other events for mass media;
  • timely provision of information in response to media requests

Public Social and Charitable Organizations

Support of public activities and receipt of financial support; taking care of the environment; receipt of charitable donations, volunteer help

  • social and charitable programs;
  • corporate volunteering;
  • public reporting on CSR;
  • regular communications with representatives of charitable foundations and NPOs