For many years one of the large-scale projects of RusHydro has been cooperation with the Russian Geographical Society to popularize natural, historical and cultural heritage of Russia. RusHydro finances and supports a grant fund, which implements projects to study catastrophic natural phenomena, studying and conservation of rare animal species, popular science activities, environmental education, organization of ecological and geographical expeditions and many others.

The Foundation Board of the Russian Geographical Society includes prominent figures of science, culture, entrepreneurs, heads of state authorities and public figures of Russia. Since April 2019, the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Nikolai Shulginov has been a member of the Foundation Board.

In order to help to conserve cultural and historical heritage, RusHydro regularly supports and finances projects to upgrade the material and technical base of cultural institutions: museums, cultural houses and libraries in the regions of presence of the company.

Creative festivals, contests and exhibitions are regularly held in the regions and books are published as part of charitable assistance program of RusHydro.

One of the landmark projects for RusHydro was its long-term cooperation with the "House of Children's Books" Foundation for the promotion of children's literature and reading culture to publish popular science and fiction books. The project was launched in 2012 to stimulate the interest of the younger generation in the history of the country, the achievements of science and technology, the engineering profession in general and the hydropower industry in particular. Famous children's writers and artists, museum and library workers take part in the creation of the books.

Each book issue is accompanied by its presentation in the regions of presence of RusHydro. Meetings with representatives of publishing houses, authors of articles and artists are held as part of the presentations. The main circulation of books is donated to district and city libraries, boarding schools, orphanages and museums. Books are given to winners of children's contests and school Olympiads in the regions of presence of RusHydro.

During the project implementation 10 books were published: "Water - the unusual in the usual", the almanac "I want to know everything. Old and New Science News 1957-2014", "River, River, Where's Your Home?", "From Mast to Keel", "Around the World under the Russian Flag", new almanac "I Want to Know Everything", "Tsarina Water", "ELECTROPLAN", "Amazing Far East", "Light in Your Window".