Environmental protection

RusHydro (the Company) is the largest Russian energy holding and a leader in electricity generation based on renewable sources.

The Company is one of the primary water users in the water industry of Russia and operates in most regions of the country. RusHydro operates in accordance with the state policy of environmental development. The activity of RusHydro is based on the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal laws and other regulatory acts, international agreements of the Russian Federation in environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources.

New equipment and technologies are implemented taking into account environmental policy requirements in order to reduce negative environmental effect of the Company’s technical system at all stages of the life cycle including water environmental effect. The Complex modernization program for generating facilities adopted in the Company for RusHydro Group contributes to reducing the number of process accidents at HPPs and ensures smooth operation of the power plants.

The company has developed and approved the Environmental policy intended to increase the level of environmental safety of existing and constructed hydrogeneration facilities consisting in minimization of environmental effects and keeping a favorable environment for the current and future generations.