Environmental Projects and Biodiversity Conservation

Environmental responsibility is one of top priorities of RusHydro.

As part of its environmental protection activities, RusHydro systematically works with specially protected natural areas (SPNA) in all regions where the RusHydro Group companies operate to conserve biodiversity and form careful attitude toward the environment.

An important project in the field of environmental responsibility is the support and implementation of joint programs with specially protected natural areas: nature reserves, sanctuaries and national parks. As part of the partnership, the company works to conserve unique natural areas, biodiversity, historical and cultural objects, to provide environmental education and develop ecotourism. At the initiative of RusHydro, ecological paths are being built and equipped. To date, 36 environmental paths and three ecological zones in 18 regions of the Russian Federation have been equipped.

Another example of environmental responsibility of the RusHydro Group is the annual environmental charity project "oBEREGAi", which started in 2005. The project is aimed at cleaning of rivers and reservoirs from household garbage, improvement of beaches and embankments, including planting of flowers and trees with the participation of children from sponsored orphanages and educational institutions and local environmental organizations.

RusHydro also pays great attention to conservation and restoration of fish reserves in rivers and reservoirs, for which purpose fish stocking campaigns are held annually.