RusHydro Corporate Lifts

RusHydro pays great attention to human capital development. Therefore it builds systematic work on early career guidance for schoolchildren, support for talented students as well as personnel competence development during the whole life cycle of an employee in the RusHydro Group.

In 2010 the concept of advanced development of personnel potential - "From New School to Workplace" was approved.

The main strategic goal of the concept is to provide conditions to meet the company's needs for qualitatively prepared specialists.

To implement the concept, a permanent system of "Corporate Lifts" was created and implemented, which made it possible to form mechanisms for meeting the Company's short-, medium- and long-term needs for young specialists:

  • Corporate Lift – School
  • Corporate Lift – IVE and HE
  • Corporate Lift – Company



  • early professionalization of students
  • social and professional adaptation of orphanage inmates

The priority area of the school stage of training future personnel for the Company is organization of the activities of specialized school classes (Energy classes) and technical creativity centers (Tech classes) in the regions where the Company operates.

The Energy of Education Industry Olympiad is held annually among schoolchildren in the grades from 7 through 11. Corporate scientific camp – Summer Energy School – is organized for students of career guidance projects that passed competitive selection.

Every year RusHydro, with the participation of young specialists, organizes Hydropower Weeks, profile project modules and thematic lectures for 5-11 graders in all-Russian children and educational centers Sirius, Ocean, Orlenok and Smena.

Since 2015 RusHydro has joined the WORLDSKILLS RUSSIA movement, within the framework of which our company volunteers hold classes in the electrical installation competence for students of sponsored orphanages in order to prepare them for participation in the WorldSkills Junior Championship system. Since 2018 our company holds the Corporate Championship of RusHydro Group WorldSkills Russia Juniors in the competence "Electrical installation"



  • attraction of young people to energy educational organizations of secondary professional and higher education
  • quality education in industry specialties
  • support of material and technical equipment of sectoral educational organizations

In order to adjust the educational process to the company's needs and to improve the quality of training of graduates interaction with educational organizations of secondary and higher education was organized. The RusHydro Group experts take part in development of curricula of higher and secondary professional education institutions that are the company's partners.

Students of partner organizations receive practical training and the best graduates are employed at our facilities. To work with students of practice-oriented branches of SFU (Sayano-Shushensky branch) and MPEI (Volzhsky branch) Career Centers were created, where lectures and practical classes are held annually, and students regularly participate in profile and industry conferences, forums and championships (REW Youth Day, Forsazh, CASE-IN).

In order to motivate graduates to research and development activities, the Spring Student Energy School has been held annually on the basis of the Company's partner universities since 2015. To identify gifted young people with an aptitude for scientific and practical activities, an annual contest of student projects in hydropower, Energy of Development, is held​. And the annual All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Hydropower Plants in the XXI Century" serves as a platform where young researchers can present reports on hydropower to experts, analyze development trends and discuss topical problems of the industry.



  • improvement of the level of competence of employees of RusHydro;
  • talent management;
  • career management.

The company creates necessary conditions for attraction and ensuring of effective activity of specialists and achievement of the required level of qualification for professional and career growth. The creation of such conditions implies the development of effective adaptation and training mechanisms.

The Company has created a system of personnel reserves of different levels:

  • current personnel reserve - for the company's employees potentially capable of managerial activities, planned to fill the target positions within three years;
  • young specialists' talent pool "Inner source of energy" – for talented employees under 30 years of age inclusively, striving for professional development and focused on career growth in the Company.

To form a unified information space and mechanisms for implementation of end-to-end projects for young specialists, the Community of young employees of the RusHydro Group (CYE logo) was created and effectively operates. CYE is one of the important company-wide projects aimed at increasing of motivation for building a professional career in RusHydro and development of corporate competencies of young employees.

In order to form knowledge and skills demanded in production process Corporate training centers (PJSC RusHydro branch - Corporate University of Hydropower; the PEI of FVE "Training factory", Artyom; the PEI of FVE Amur Power Engineer, Blagoveshchensk; PEI of FVE Sakhalinenergo Training Center, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk; the NNEI Energy Training and Production Center, Yakutsk; the I.N. Dolzhenko Personnel Training Center, Khabarovsk; the Magadanenergo Training Center, Magadan; the Kamchatskenergo Training and Consultation Center, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Khabarovsk; the Kamchatkaenergo Training Center, Khabarovsk. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) regularly hold corporate seminars, professional development and retraining programs in full-time and remote formats.

Professional skills are assessed within the framework of regularly held competitions of HPP and TPP operating personnel, production personnel for repair and maintenance of power lines, WorldSkills and RATsENERGY championships. Tasks in competitions and championships are based on the best practices in the industry and the RusHydro Group, modern simulator systems and assessment tools are used.