General Meeting

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the supreme managing bode of the Company, its terms of reference being determined by the Federal Law "On Joint-Stock Companies" and the Article of Association of JFC RusHydro.


Information for shareholders

The section contains useful information that can be useful to investors and shareholders of PJSC RusHydro.



Corporate events of PJSC "RusHydro"


Share capital

as of 31.03.2023
Russian Federation: 276,665,975,606 shares
PJSC VTB Bank: 55,000,000,000 shares
EN+ GROUP IPJSC : 42,753,170,466 shares*
Others: 70,374,230,966 shares (including shares owned by companies of the RusHydro group )

RusHydro shares are traded on the MICEX-RTS. In July 2008, the Company launched a global depository receipt (GDR) program; in July 2009, its DRs began trading on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).



How many RusHydro shares do I hold?

In accordance with Article 46 of the Federal Law "On Joint-Stock Companies," the rights to shares are confirmed through issuance of an extract from the register of company shareholders.

To obtain information about the number of RusHydro shares you hold, we recommend that you contact the Company Registrar (VTB Registrar JSC) [1] to receive an extract from the Shareholder Register.

The cost of one extract from the Shareholder Register is:

  • in hard copy: RUB 10.00;
  • in electronic form: free of charge.

If your shares are stored in a depository, you need to contact it to get a securities account statement.


My first name, last name, residential address, and/or other personal data has changed. What should I do?

The absence of a shareholder's correct personal information with the Company, its Registrar, or the Depository (if shares are kept in a securities account) is the main reason why a shareholder does not receive dividends and voting ballots.

To update your details, you need to update your Questionnaire of a Registered Person. To do this, you must submit a request at the place where your shares are stored (Registrar or Depository).

If your shares are stored in the RusHydro Shareholder Register, you can familiarize yourself with the list of documents required for updating the Questionnaire from the Registrar's website at

Please note that you cannot simply submit copies of documents to RusHydro to update your Questionnaire. You must submit such documents to the Registrar or your Depository in person or through your authorized representative.

Why doesn't the Company pay dividends or send voting ballots to me?

The Registrar or the Depository (if your shares are stored in the securities account) probably do not have your correct contact or bank details.

Please see the answer to Question 2 to learn how to update your Questionnaire.